Experienced Handling Of Misdemeanors

The misdemeanor defense attorneys at Stevenson Smith Hood P.C. in Ogden protect your rights against allegations such as property crimes, underage drinking, possession of small amounts of marijuana and disturbing the peace.

A conviction on any of these charges is nothing to take lightly. Just because a criminal charge isn't a felony doesn't mean it isn't serious. Our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers safeguard your interests from start to finish of the legal process, and combine that focus with attentive, responsive personal service.

Honest, Affordable, Dependable Representation For Misdemeanor Cases In Utah

Whether your misdemeanor is a simple traffic citation or vandalism, our law firm is solidly in your corner. We conduct in-depth research of your charges and carefully inspect every police report connected to your case. We excel at negotiations behind the scenes and arguments before a judge.

Are you awaiting trial for Class A, B or C misdemeanor in Utah? Does one of your charges involve a traffic violation, arrest for drunk driving or allegation that you were gambling?

You need our law firm on your side. We are open to your ideas, contribute realistic assessments of your chances for success and do whatever we can to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

The penalties for a misdemeanor conviction in our state include a jail term, heavy fines and sometime loss of driver's license. If you want to clear your name, preserve your reputation and put this crisis behind you, we urge you to reach out to our Stevenson Smith Hood P.C. law firm to schedule an initial consultation — by phone at 801-436-6203 or by email message.