Your Utah Common Law Marriage

Is establishing a common law marriage your immediate legal goal in Utah?

Are you seeking an end to your common law marriage, but you are unclear whether you are entitled to the same legal protections enjoyed by conventionally married spouses?

Do you have children whose custody, visitation and support needs are impacted by beginning or concluding a common law marriage?

In Ogden and surrounding areas, we are versatile, experienced law firm who can spell out your options. We are the family law and divorce attorneys of Stevenson Smith Hood P.C.

Our lawyers have successfully served the objectives of traditional, LGBT and common law families throughout the state for many years. We listen carefully to your wishes, assess them realistically and direct you to approaches that yield positive results.

Honest, Affordable, Dependable Representation For Common Law Spouses And Families

We can assist with the drafting of a petition to the court, documentation that specifies these and other factors:

  • Legal age and capabilities of consent
  • Amount of cohabitation time spent
  • Marital rights and responsibilities
  • Intention to be recognized as man and wife

If you have lived together, grown a family and since decided to separate — or if you want a court to legally recognize your common law marriage — Stevenson Smith Hood P.C. gives full personal attention to the unique nature of your relationship. To discuss these domestic issues in a confidential initial consultation, call us in Ogden today: 801-436-6203. We respond to all email inquiries in a timely manner.