Your Estate Planning Choices In Utah

Have you been postponing long-overdue estate planning, contemplating a refresh of your estate plan or pursuing a change to a will or trust?

You have more choices than you can imagine when it comes to accomplishing your estate or probate goals. And the law firm that executes those in experienced, effective ways is Stevenson Smith Hood P.C. in Ogden, Utah.

You may be considering a revision of identified beneficiaries, to include a caregiver or long-lost friend. You could be intent on directing an inheritance to a stepchild or grandchild. Whatever your objectives, as they shift over time, our skillful legal services accommodate your changes of heart and ensure that estate documentation reflects your explicit wishes at all times.

Our attorneys have successfully served a broad range of estate and probate clients during many decades of combined experience. We listen carefully to your description of objectives that benefit relatives, work closely with trustees and executors, and generally protect your interests throughout the legal process.

This keen client commitment continues during any litigation that may come of a will contest or objection from a disgruntled former beneficiary. Our guidance is designed to promote your peace of mind, so that you know your legal affairs are always in capable hands.

To speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers about a will, trust, power of attorney or advanced health care directive, please call our Stevenson Smith Hood P.C. law offices to secure a confidential initial consultation. Reach us at 801-436-6203 or stay online to reach us by email message.